Saturday, 29 November 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy week I have had! With my birthday party last weekend, launching my new craft CD Funky Daze on Monday, my 40th Birthday Tuesday and then trying to pull everything together for the four recorded shows I am filming with Create and Craft on Monday coming, my poor head is in a spin!

The launch of Funky Daze has been fantastic! Thank you very much to everyone who has visited the website, sent messages and of course purchased the new CD. I am so honored that you lovely crafters have taken the time to give me your feedback and spent your hard earned crafting cash with us. I appreciate everyone of you. Thank you.

One of the most popular things on this new release has turned out to be the Word Books that you can print yourself. I thought I would share my first one with you which I made as a joke after I had initially designed the pages to see if they would actually work!

When I was a little girl, with a name like 'Anice' I could never have anything with my name on it. You remember when you had one of those ceramic tiles that went on your bedroom door with 'You name's Bedroom' and a picture of a car or a flower on it. Maybe if you are a youngster you wont remember this is the mid to late 70's I'm talking about..anyway. My brother Gary had his on his door but I always had to have GIRLS bedroom, because you couldn't get Anice of course and there was no such thing as getting them hand made specially! This obviously was a big deal to I am still talking about it now 30 years later!!

(reads 'Once upon a time a long time ago....)

(..there was a girl born who was given an unusual name.No one could ever remember what it was and no one could ever spell it. The worst of all the girl could never get anything special, like a mug, with her name on it. She always had to have GIRL instead. It wasn't until many years later that she found a way to change this forever...)

(Learn 2 craft and make it Yourself!)

There I've got it off my chest!!!
Speak to you all again soon.
Anice xx


  1. Gorgeous hun, i havent been round for a while, i am sorry i missed your birthday, 40!!! thats really old lol...

    Hope you had a fantastic day, and good luck with your upcoming tv apperance, sending you massive hugs, love Pops x x x

  2. The word books are fantastic!! I could never get anything on with my name either when I was little - well not the correct spelling anyway :)

  3. Hehehehe!!! Fantastic story and word book (which by the way, I think are totally fab as are all the papers, which I may have said once or twice before.....!!)

  4. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Love the word books and the Funky Daze CD which arrived this morning, thank you
    I have to say I think your name is lovely
    take care and good luck with the show next week, I will be watching
    Hugs, Linda


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