Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Buttons Galore!

On Saturday we visited Ians parents to celebrate his Grandmas 95th birthday. Whilst we were there we got talking about buttons..don't ask me how! But anyway Ians Mum went upstairs and then came down with a huge box of vintage buttons that she must have been saving for forty years. There was every sort of button you can think of in there..being Ians Mum they were all beautifully organised into colours in their own little compartments as well! Well, luckily for me she said I could have them! Woohoo! Now I have a collection of the most amazing buttons from huge 60/70s buttons right down to the tiniest baby buttons. I took these quick pictures of just a few of them..

I don't know what I am going to do with them yet but there are so many I don't think I need to worry about running out anytime soon!!
Anice xx


  1. Will there be Buttons on everything from now on then? lol!
    Hugs Suze x

  2. Wow! what a lovely collection.

  3. Neato! Great find!

  4. I am sooo jealous!! That collection looks great! If you need any help deciding what to do with them, I'd be happy to help you out............ (innocent smile)

    Chris xx

  5. Oh wow!!! You lucky devil!!

  6. You know I have a button box somewhere - must go and have a lookie....I didn't think you liked buttons Anice....don't think I've ever seen you make a card with a button on it...hee.heee. you are the button queen and Ruth is the ribbon queen.

  7. lucky you they look great,bet we see more of them in your future creations
    eh, she doesn't have a second box lurking about anywhere...

  8. Jealous!

    Jealous jealous JEALOUS!!!

    Ooh you lucky thing - they look fab :o)

  9. I have thousands of buttons and shouldn't be jealous when I see others good fortune with buttons - but I am!

  10. They're lovely Anice :) I have my Mum's button tin, and i used to spend hours looking through it when i was a child, sorting them all into colours and sizes. If i look in it now, it always makes me cry!! :)

    Carol x

  11. what a yummy stash of buttons!! Lucky you!


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