Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Just a quickie today!

I'm always busy but lately I've been rushed off my feet! When you're really up against it all you need is to be reminded of what needs to be done. 'Don't forget we need milk' 'Can you clean the bathroom today?' 'I've brought up the vacuum can you do the bedrooms?' 'Remember it's my Dads birthday can you make a card?' The problem with working from home is that you are always at work AND always at home so both lives call to you for things to be done at the same time!!

I've made a birthday card so far today for Ian's Dad:

I'm afraid I am still in my black base card phase..think I will be until it runs out (not too long now!) The paper pieces are all from my CD Now thats Funky and ribbon is from Ribbon Oasis my new favourite haunt when I should be working!! The lettering are all mixed up rub ons by Doodlebug that I can't leave alone! I got lucky earlier in the week and won five packets on Ebay for a fabby price so now I have lots of different colours too!! The actual inspiration for the card design came from Di Hickmans blog something I saw on there ages ago that just stuck.

Right what's next.. oh, best get the Vacuuming done before I choke on all the dust in here!!

Anice xx


  1. I know what you mean about working from home and having to balance house stuff and work stuff - it's a nightmare!

  2. Great card Anice - same problem working from home - you have to craft with dust all around you.

  3. Leave the housework - life is too short hehehehe!!!

    Love this card - really really like it!! And where did you get the black card from - please please tell me!!

  4. Great card. I'm into black cards as well at the moment. Blow the housework, carry on crafting x


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