Monday, 19 May 2008

I never seem to have time to get everything done!

I'm sure that's a statement that all of you can relate to. Lately I have been working long hours and in the dead of night look back on my day and still think I haven't got much done off my, very long, 'to do' list!

At least I achieved a couple of important things yesterday, it's my friend Corrina's little girls birthday tomorrow. She's going to be two. I can't believe how quickly the time is going by! I made a card for her yesterday and combined it with a tutorial for a crafters blog I have been invited to join. Two in one! a card I needed and a tutorial as I went along for creating the chipboard element.. here's the card that I made:

The papers are from my new download Shabby Saturday. If you are interested in my technique for adding papers to bare chipboard then you can read my tutorial blog post here..

What have I got on my list today? Well I have a number of orders to process from over the weekend and I haven't bought a birthday present to go with the card yet! What do you buy for a two year old these days? I'm afraid I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to kids. I think a trip to Toys are Us is in order and as long as it has something to do with 'In the Night Garden' (which on the couple of occasions I have watched with her freaked me out!!) she'll be happy..fingers crossed!!

Other than that I have to get on with designing for my new CD, I'd promised myself that I would have all the designing done by June ready to hand it over for the technical stuff and production...oh dear another promise it looks like I will be breaking!! ho hum!!

Anice xx


  1. What a pretty card - love it - will have a peep at your tutorial. Hope you are feeling better than lately - take care of yourself.

  2. Fabby card :o) I adore Shabby Saturday!!! Tis yummy :o)

    lol at your In The Night Garden comments!!! It freaks me out too! They must have been on speed when they thought that one up but my 2 year old is mesmerised by it!!

    Good luck with the pressie buying

    Jozza xxx

  3. In The Night Garden??? What am I missing?? You know how I HATE to miss anything!! lol ;o)

    Love the card, Anice. Great shape. (And I enjoyed the tutorial.) Is that a template, or did you make it yourself?

    Heather xx

  4. Gorgeous card, Anice

  5. Gorgeous card Anice! In the Night Garden was a favourite in our house for all of 2 months, kiddies are so fickle at that age!
    Would love to see more combined pink and black papers on your new CD
    Becky xx

  6. love the card! I think I may do that for my neices upcoming second birthday :) and books are always a good present for a toddler! especially the ones that have buttons to press

  7. Fab card!! And congratulations on making 'The Blog'!! Welcome to the Crafts Forum Blog!!


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