Friday, 22 February 2008

So many things to tell you..

As I said in my last post we are back in Newcastle after the trade show at the NEC but to tell you the truth neither Ian or my feet have touched the floor since we stepped back through the door! The trade show was a great success and we met some very interesting people and had some very interesting meetings..can't tell you much about them now but hopefully in the future we will have some exciting news!
I thought you might like a look a me on our 'tiny' little stand just before the show opened on Sunday.

That cheesey smile was to cover my nerves..I think I had it on pretty much the whole show!!

Whilst we were working away at the show I was asked to take part in the Craft Day that is taking place on Ideal World on Wednesday 27th Feb (yes that is next Wednesday..I never have much time to get my demos organised!!) My section of the show is from 12 noon till 1pm. I will be premiering my new CD 'Now that's Funky' which should be available on my website over the weekend (crossed fingers..I will keep you posted on the exact date) On the show I will also be presenting my other CDs V Funky and Funky Seasons. Also on the show will be some great paper packs from Crafters Companion, I met Sara from Crafters Companion at the trade show and she hopefully will have had time to print off some of my new CD designs on the different paper mediums that will be available. I hope you can join me for the show as it's a craft day there is free postage and packing on all products.

Before I went to the trade show I had a spare hour for some crafting and ended up having a go at a bit of altered art. For Christmas I bought Ian a mug which came in a lovely tin which was just crying out for me to play with!. Here's a before picture,

and this is what I came up with...

We ended up using it to keep all the business cards we collected at the show safe so we didn't lose them.

Well this about the longest post I've had time to do in a while, I still have loads of other things to tell but I think I will save them for another time. Speak again soon.


  1. Love the tin! great news about the demo too bet you are chuffed to bits :)

  2. Wonderful tin! and great picture of you at the NEC.
    I hope to watch you on the show.

  3. LazyKay6:51 pm

    Great blog - so pleased your hard work is reaping rewards you deserve success.


  4. Well done! I am so pleased that it was such a success for you - you (and Ian!) both deserve it as your cd's are fantastic!!

  5. Like the tin, and I am glad you are doing so well!

  6. found your blog through the craft forum, i was at the nec on sunday too, just visiting. i remember your stand. i used to work as a designer for coats crafts uk, so have been to that show for the last 12 years now, popped along this time as i still do a bit of designing for them now and again. glad to read it was successful for you : )

  7. Lovely picture and your stand looks great. Love th tin that was a good idea to keep the business cards in there.

    Great blog.

  8. Love the alterd tin its great :-) sorry i won't beable to watch your show i'll be in work :-(

  9. Your stand looked fab or should i say Funky!!
    Congrats on the success, can't wait to see your new cd :)


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