Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Why do us crafters change our minds so much?

Or maybe it's just me!! I had pulled together a quick idea for Christmas cards this year as I have been so busy and couldn't put as much effort into them as I would have liked. Today was the final day for getting them done, otherwise I would be missing Christmas. I sat down in my craftroom.. and then thought 'maybe I could do something different'..over an hour of precious Christmas card making time later I was still messing about with other ideas!

Here are my final cards and I have loads of them drying all over the craftroom and office so this is it..no more changes!

The paper designs are all taken from my CD 'Yule Be Funky which I'm amazed is still selling well..maybe I'm not the only one who is leaving making their cards to the last min!!

Yesterday I did the last of the Christmas shopping, it was a pretty nightmare day. I drove into Newcastle city centre and then sat in traffic queuing to get into a car park for over an hour! I'm not the calmest car driver at the best of times so I have to admit to a bit of subdued road rage. In the end I was out of the house nearly two hours just trying to park! I ended coming back home and calling a cab to go back in! I got everything done thank goodness but I was two cab fares lighter in my purse.

All this trouble and stress for one day..makes you wonder why we bother really!!

Now I have to make a card for Ian's nephew we have bought presents for but to make up the gift are giving cash for him to use on his mobile (he's only nine..who's he calling you wonder!!) and I have to make a 'mobile' themed Christmas card..why do I do this to myself?!!


  1. Love those cards, Anice. And well done fnishing all your xmas shopping!!! Done most of mine online!!! Much easier too!

    Isa x

  2. Tip Top6:17 pm

    All mine done online too as took the handmade pledge this year! Just cannot stand crowds or carparks this time of year....

    I know why Yule Be Funky is selling well - its because its FAB!!!!! So there!

  3. Wonderful Cards Anice.... They look fantastic. I guess I will be looking at getting a third of your discs!


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