Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Something a bit off topic..

Good morning everyone,

Things have been a bit hectic around here recently. (When are they not? I hear you ask!)  We, Ian and me, have just come back from a fantastic holiday with our friends.  We were only away for a week but while we were away we did NOTHING! It's amazing how just having some time away from home, work, life in general can revitalise you isn't it?

Though it didn't last for long as we have only been back a few days and our little dog Travis had to go back into the vets to have another operation on his elbow.  I'm not sure if I told you about his first operations in February earlier this year.  Well, the left hand leg has never really improved so after six months of physio, he had to go back under the knife yesterday.

He is a very sad little chap today.  He's not supposed to get off his bed for five days except to visit the garden for the toilet.  Though that is pretty hard for me to make happen as you can imagine.

So, me and Travis are locked, well a baby gate is blocking the door, in my office all day for the next week.  Until Ian gets here and he can be carried up and down the stairs. I'm not strong enough to carry him. :(

It does mean I can really concentrate on creating new products and planning for the Christmas period.  Arrgghh! I'm sorry I know I have just mentioned the 'C' word, but it has to be worked on so stuff is ready when you might want it.

I have a few plans that will be going ahead in the near future, hopefully they will all work out how I am planning.. we shall see!

I'll leave you there and get myself a cuppa.  I doubt Travis will want one, though he might be tempted with a chicken breakfast. Ugh!

Anice xx

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