Friday, 6 December 2013

Monster Pets are going to get ya!

Here I am again about to apologise for my lack of blogging..I'm so bad that I'm probably speaking to myself right now as everyone has stopped reading!  If you are out there, say hello.  Otherwise I will just chat on to myself!

There was a new set of releases on my website recently that I haven't told you anything about!  I'll start with the digital stamps I think.  These ones are a bit of fun, great for putting on kids cards or adults who are like kids!  They are called Monster Pets.  There's Monster Dog, Monster Rabbit and Monster Cat.  Here's a look at them..

The Monster Cat isn't on a card yet, as you probably guessed by the picture!  I'm still working on that one.  They are so much fun to colour but if you pop over to the website and take a look at the galleries attached to the digital stamps you will see some amazing cards from the design team that have been paper pieced.  Completely amazing.

The other download that is now available is a backing paper collection called Hairy and Scary.  I designed it with these monster images in mind, but you could use it for anything really on its own.  Well, anything where you needed some strong colours and a few 'hairy' papers. Hehe!

Now for a bit of chat I think.  How are you all getting on with making the dreaded Christmas cards?  I imagine you are all organised and have them already written and ready to go..or even gone.  I on the other hand, as usual, haven't even started mine.  Oh the shame!  I am going to make a few hasty ones today as we are meeting up with extended family this evening and I will hand them over as if I'm all organised.  But the rest will need to be fitted in when I can.  It's the same every year, I plan to make them in November and it's gets to December and I haven't even planned what they will look like never mind made any.

Well, I had best get on with the cards I need to make today.  There will be a couple more releases on the website this coming weekend.  I promise that you wont wait weeks to see all about them.

Speak again soon.
Anice xx

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  1. The monsters are fab, the cat is my favourite :) . I am so glad I am not the only card maker who hasn't made her Xmas cards. Every year I tell myself that I'll start in Jan & to be fair I did this year....... I made ONE!! I know I need to crack on, but everytime I think about it I feel sick just knowing the amount I need to make. Oh well I'll start tomorrow & you never know I might actually get round to making next years in Jan.........& pigs might fly, haha


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