Monday, 6 September 2010

We have a Facebook Fan Page..

Hello again everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.  We had our usual '100 mile an hour' weekend releasing a new download collection All I want for Xmas and word book envelopes that sold out the same day! I will have more stock of them very soon so they will be available again..just wasn't expecting them to be quite as popular as they were!

You may have noticed on the side bar of this blog that we now have a Funky Hand Fan page on Facebook.  I thought I'd mention it to you as Corrina and I are planning to offer special discount codes and other freebies on there in the future to our joined members.  If you have a facebook account why not join our fan page by clicking the link below and join in with the discussions we have started..or even start some of your own!  We'd love to see you and chat over there so don't be shy, join our fan page and see how it grows... 

join us on facebook

I've also been active on Twitter for sometime as may have noticed that my Twitter comments show on the side bar here everyday. If you have a Twitter account I'd love it if you started following me..then I can follow you back and see what fun things you are getting up know what a nosey parker I am, I just love hearing what other people are doing! Here's the link to twitter..

follow us on twitter

Well that's it for today, I'm hopefully going to get a chance to fit in some crafting this week as there are birthdays and house moves to celebrate with a card to be created. I'll be back to share what I make with you later in the week.

Speak again soon
Anice xx

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