Sunday, 19 September 2010

Lots of news here at Funky Hand..

Hello!  It's been a week since my last post and what a week I've had.  I'd promised myself that I wouldn't get behind with my blogging but this week has just flown by so I'm going to have an extra long post full of news today to make up for it!  Are you ready? Then I shall begin...

I'm pleased to let you know that we have launched two new word book downloads on the website today.  After the recent release of my Christmas paper download All I want for Xmas I had alot of you contacting me asking if you could have matching word books so..that's what you have got!!  There are two word book collections one made up from the more traditional coloured papers from the collection and the other from the more trendy colours.  Each collection includes letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and I've included '? ! &' characters as well..but that's not all, also included in each collection are three sets of small alphabet letters which I have called Funky Alpha -Bits.  They were created with the same font as the word book pages so they match perfectly and will help you to create some fun sentiments on your word books or other cards creations!  So, thats 42 printable items in each collection take a look at them here..  Trad Xmas Word Book  and Trendy Xmas Word Book. 

I'm also pleased to be able to tell you that the very popular Word Book Envelopes are now back in stock, they sold out very quickly when they were launched but hopefully I've stocked enough this time to make sure everyone who wants to give them a try will get a chance!Fingers crossed!

Now for something that I need to let you know.  Since Funky Hand was launched we have always tried our very best to offer the best possible products and service to all of our customers.  I've always been proud that I was able to offer free postage and packing on all our products to my customers and I know you have all appreciated it.  Unfortunately, times are getting harder for us all and after much pulling of hair, I've had to make the difficult decision to change our postage and packing policy on the website. Please don't throw your arms up just yet..I've tried very hard to make this change as painless as possible for everyone so it's just a small change.  In the UK, if your order from our website totals less than £10.00 then there will be a £1.50 postage and packing charge added to your order but, if you order is for over £10.00 then your postage and packing will be FREE as it always has been.  Of course if your order is just made up only of downloads then there will be no added P&P charges, but downloads will be included in your order totals.  This £10.00 limit means that if you are purchasing a Funky Hand CD you will not pay anything for delivery.  If you live in Europe or anywhere else in the world please take a look at our P&P info on the website ,but don't worry you've got the same deal, orders over £10.00 will still be FREE p&p.

I told you it was going to be a long post today..and I was right!  We have had a very busy week and have lots of interesting things ahead of us over the next few months.  I'm very excited about everything that is going on here in Teapot Studios and really looking forward to sharing all the details with you soon.  Infact keeping quiet about everything is nearly killing me!!

Enjoy your week and I'll speak again with you very soon.
Anice xx

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