Monday, 19 April 2010

Don't be afraid in North Tyneside...

..if you are unfortunate enough to be faced with a scary picture of  me on a telephone box or back of a bus!  When I started Funky Hand I had loads of help from the Business Support Agencies in North Tyneside. So, when they asked me recently if I would be willing to offer my support to a new project they are running called The Business Factory. How could I say no!
Today, Ian and I took a trip to the The Business Factory shop in Wallsend to meet the boss and have a look around..I didn't expect to see myself looking back from the shop front or inside quite so large!!  Here's me with my scary TV smile portrait!

Ian enjoyed my discomfort fully and the consultants in the office had a good laugh as well.  I'm very happy to support anyone who will give help to people trying to start their own businesses, I just hope seeing me everywhere doesn't put anyone off the idea!!

The new craft CD is coming along very well and we are hoping to be able to bring more details about it very soon...just a few more papers for me to complete. Oh and the Digi stamps on this CD are just fab and I'm sure you're going to love them when you see them!!

Speak again very soon

Anice x


  1. that is wonderful Anice. You have such a great smile! And I know you are not really as big as a bus...

  2. you deserve to have your face plastered everywhere Anice - and I don't mean that in a bad way LOL...

    I'm really looking forward to the new CD being released so can't wait for that - or the details you are teasing us with!!!

    Well done on your success so far - you really DO deserve recognition for it - big photos or not!!!

    Paula x x x

  3. corrina7:21 pm

    Lol - nice picture!!

  4. love this gorgeous picture and who couldn't help but love this cute smiley face...great ad for the business factory...big hugs kath xxx

  5. Photo looks great Anice. Must have been a shock though seeing yourself so large! I'd hate to see a photo of me that big. :)xx

  6. Nothing scary about the picture OR your smile, Anice. It's a lovely picture.
    I agree with Dolly though...I wouldn't like to see one of me that big. Now that WOULD be scary!

  7. i think its a great piccyanice and it is fantastic that you got so much support from them. I cant wait for the new cd, have pennies aside ready!!!!


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