Monday, 12 April 2010

Create & Craft TV Tuesday 11am..I'll be there!

Just a real quickie post as I wanted to let you know that I'll be on Create and Craft TV live on Tuesday 13th at 11am, demonstrating the latest Funky Hand CD Dreams Come True again.

If you haven't seen what the latest CD can do try to tune in, and if you just to see how many times I can mess up!! But mostly it's a great opportunity to see the demo cards that my fabby Design Team Funkettes have created.

I can let you know that the desigining for the next craft CD is going pretty well and I hope to be able to give you more info about a release date for it right here in the near future.

Having trouble coming up with a name for the CD though..perhaps you could help me out with that? There isn't a particular theme as you know about Funky hand CDs so just something funny or clever would be great!! I'll make it worthwhile with a free copy of the new CD if I use any name anyone comes up with!!

Talk again very soon.
Anice xx


  1. My son (13) reckons "Short and Stout".
    Max x

  2. Hi Anice, I know it is not very good as I am hopeless at this sort of thing but the only ones I could come up with was the "Teapot Towers Range" or "Teapot Tower Wallpaper Range" due to the name of your new abode where you have designed this CD. Told you it wasn't very good lol.
    Max x

  3. What about 'Fabulous Funkiness'?? Just a passing thought as I read the post. . .
    Good luck on C&C hun!
    Teri x

  4. will tell mo you are on tomorrow, its half term so we can snuggle up on the settee and watch!!!
    mmmm, names for the new's my few efforts!!:
    "Get your funk on"
    "fab 'n' funky"
    "lets get funky"

  5. Creative Craftiness?

  6. might sound a bit rude - but - 'get the funk crafting'... i'm chomping at the bit for the new cd Anice...

    Also - love the name you gave your design team 'funkettes'... brill!

    Paula x x x

  7. You've really got me thinking hard about this one. I originally thought Seventh Heaven, thinking this was your seventh cd, but alas this was thwarted when I checked your shop and found that you already had seven!

    So next came the Funky Paper Maker - as with your designs all paper is turned into something funky! Will keep thinking and post if I come up with something better!!

    Will be watching tomorrow.

    CraftyNess X

  8. Sorry but I had to post as I am so annoyed!! Shouting at the TV is not my style but I have to admit that I could not stop myself. I get so annoyed with C&C not giving the guests a chance to demonstrate. Anice is not on very often and I always look forward to her show - but today was really spoiled by the constant stock updates and Anice not being givven the chance to even finish the demonstrations that she did get the chance to do. Sorry but I switched off before I threw something at the TV.

    Craftyness Vx

  9. How about 'Geordie Grandeur'? Look forward to seeing the next one!
    I agree with your comments Craftyness. When people take the time and trouble to prepare demonstrations it is awful to be cut short and constantly interrupted with stock updates and sales patter.
    Kath x

  10. JulieM6:15 pm

    How about Funky See Funky Do?
    Funky Paper Caper
    Funky Pleasures
    Funky Ninja (my kids' suggestion, LOL)

  11. JulieM8:12 pm

    Thank Your Funky Stars
    Hands Up if You're Funky


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