Friday, 19 December 2008

Well it's almost here!

I used to love Christmas time. As soon as the lights started going on in the shops in October (!) I would start planning my wrapping paper colours for that year and making a list of gifts to buy. Lately I feel like Christmas creeps up on me and suddenly it's here and I'm not prepared at all. I wonder if it because I am so much more busy running Funky Hand than when I worked full time as an office Manager or as I am getting older I am becoming an old grouch?! I hope it's the first reason as we already have one Christmas Scrouge living in this house, Ian really isn't a Christmas lover! Hence the pleasant Christmas wishes on this post, I am trying to get into the spirit before it's too late!!

I have lots of things flying round in my head at the moment some I can't tell you about just yet..but keep an eye out here and I'll spill the beans soon. Others are all signed and sealed. I will be presenting a live show on Ideal World Shopping Channel on 27th January at 11am where I will be premiering my latest craft CD Rom Funky Daze. I'm really looking forward to sharing the fabby cards that my Design Team have been creating and showing everyone just how easy it is to create your own word books using the CD. Of course I haven't started on the demonstrations just know me I have to leave everything to the last moment to create the maximum stress levels possible!!

I am looking forward to a few days off over Christmas but I imagine it will be just a few as Ian seems to have a very large list of 'Things to be done over Christmas' whilst he is on holiday from his full time job. Though some of them are rather exciting.. all will be revealed in time but I am pretty excited about 2009 already!!

If I don't get back here again before Christmas have a wonderful time with your families and I hope Father Christmas brings you all the lovely crafty stash you have asked for!!

Anice xx


  1. And a Very Merry and Hopefully Restful(ish) Christmas to you both! Can't wait to see what you bring for 2009!!

  2. Have a lovely break!

  3. And a very Merry Christmas to you too....can't wait to see what 2009 has in store.

  4. can't wait for 2009, sounds exciting and Christmas crept up on me too this year, still loads to wrap but what the hey maybe the elves will do it for me while I sleep!
    Have a great time and just give Scrooge a humbug and enjoy yourself

  5. Merry Christmas Anice. x

  6. Christmas usually creeps up on me too - but this year i've managed to be ready for it! Merry Christmas to you!


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