Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas is coming.. far too quickly!

I can't believe that it's only nine days till Christmas day! I am terribly disorganised this year... and I really can't tell you why! All the presents are bought but I still haven't finished making my cards. I have to admit here..we are going to buy some cards tonight as I just don't have time to make all of them. I am so ashamed!

I have made some though so I will prove it to you by showing them to you!

I used papers from my two Christmas download collections, Funky Little Christmas and Funky Christmas Time. It was the least I could do really!!
Though I say I'm not sure why I am so behind with my Christmas prep I do have one reason..unfortunately I was ill again last week and had another rather nasty seizure. I'm in touch with my Neuro who is looking into making changes to my Epilepsy medication..woohoo what fun!

On the positive side of things my Funky Hand Design Team have had some reasons to celebrate. First up on Sunday it was Jozzas birthday. I know she had a wonderful day spent with her family, which was fully deserved as she is such a special lady.

The second exciting thing that has happened is that Kath won Card Maker of the Year for Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine. I am so thrilled for her and bursting with pride. She has won a enormous collection of crafty stash (unfortunately she has won some Funky Hand CDs as I was one of the sponsors of the competition, I told her to do what she likes with them as she already has the whole collection!) which she is offering some of as fabby blog candy gifts so get yourself over to her blog and check out whats available! Not only does she win lots of lovely stash but she also gets to join the design team for the magazine so expect to see some wonderful creations from our Kath in print!

Right I can't hang around here as I still have more Christmas stuff to try to organise and there are still orders to process to. Hopefully I'll be back before Christmas but just incase I'm not my best wishes to you all.
Anice xx


  1. I am to so far behind with cards i am ashamed to say i may have to buy some (blush) and yet i know its almost here as we have the kids doing the countdown...

    I think the dark nights just make you feel tired and so you pack away early, I am just about to make my hubby one...

    Hugs Pops x x x

  2. Sorry to hear about you being poorly! I hope you haven't been on your own when having a seizure and fingers crossed that they sort the medication for you. It must be very frightening!

    I agree with Pops............these dark days and nights seem to zap all your energy and mojo! I love Christmas but role on warm Summer Days lol!

    Like you, I still have a few Christmas Cards and a Birthday Card to do before last post on the 20th!

    Take care and fingers crossed you're ok over Christmas & New Year.

    Suze x

  3. Cards look fab!! And really, its only October and not December! Sounds good eh?!

    Hope you feeling better soon and that things get sorted out for you

  4. Your cards look fab....I admit I bought some too which I promised I was going to. Never mind with everything else going on we can be excused I am sure.
    Hope all gets sorted with your medication and health.
    Emma x

  5. Your cards are fab Anice! Hope you get your meds dorted asap hun. xxx

  6. Anice, your cards are just gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear you've been poorly again - hope they get you "sorted out" soon!

    Have a wonderful Christmas - and make sure you take some time off!


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