Monday, 28 April 2008

Cards and a fancy Ball!!

I've had a really busy weekend, well when do I not? but this weekend has been busy and fun, not just work, which is a nice change!

On Friday Ian and I attended a Charity Ball at the Gosforth Racecourse to raise money for Skin Cancer. It was an opportunity to get a bit dressed up..and drink rather a lot ! Here's a picture of my friend Vic and I towards the beginning of the evening so we were not in too much of a state!!

I'm afraid I had rather a headache most of Saturday but it was a nice change not to be tied to this keyboard in Funky Hand Towers!!

I've also been really lucky again, one of my customers Terri sent me some fantastic images of a few cards she has been making with Funky Hand CDs so I thought I would share a couple with you.

Aren't they just great, they were made using the Funky Seasons and Yule Be Funky CDs. I love receiving cards and images of creations from my customers as it always inspires me to see what other crafters do with the designs! Thank you Terri.

As well as partying the night away, I have been busy designing this weekend and I am now on the home straight of finishing a new download. Crossed fingers it will be available at the weekend..but I probably shouldn't say that as something will get in the way. I'll be back to let you know how I'm getting on!


  1. These are fantastic & very inspiring!!

  2. Lovely cards and looks like you girls are having a fab time!

  3. Lovely picture of you Anice, looks like you were having fun. Love the handbags too.

  4. Gorgeous cards, love them :)


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