Thursday, 12 April 2007

It's been fantastic weather here the last few days which is hard to believe when it's only April. Ian and I are not gardeners by any means but we have ventured to the local garden centre and purchased various plants to put in our poor bare garden. It's starting to look a little more alive now, I have to admit! On the craft front I am working away on my next CD but it is really slow going as I keep changing my mind about what colours and themes I want to use. When I find the right things I will fly through the designing I am sure.. if I keep telling myself this I hope it comes true!! If I am a little dry on the paper designing side of things I have had no trouble with my Digital scrapbooking as I have been making real advances in getting all my favourite pictures scrapped! Here a couple of new pages that I have completed recently..

Well time to get back to work, hopefully next time I will have something to show you from my new CD.

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