Wednesday, 20 September 2006

What fun I have been having over the last few days.. I have been designing Christmas cards to go on to which should be up by the weekend. I have also designed some quick card examples using the papers from my new Christmas papers CD 'Yule Be Funky'which you can now have a look at on for some inspiration.
I have also been on a Sizzix buying frenzy and they have been arriving through my letterbox every day! (I am waiting in as I write for the postman to arrive as I am sure I will be getting another delivery!) Why have you suddenly gone mad on Sizzix you ask? Well I can't be really sure..I have had a Sizzix machine for ages, a present from my parents, and I had a few dies but never really bothered that much with it.. then two weeks ago I won some Sizzix Alphabars in my my first auction on Ebay and I haven't been able to stop buying since!! I hadn't really looked at the Dies available but suddenly there are some really great unusual/Funky ones. My favourite, for today anyway!, is the Dress and Accessories designed by Rob and Bob studio. I love their scrapbook paper designs so it was no suprise to me that I liked their venture in Sizzix Dies too. In a rare spare moment I made this dress, its sort of Mrs Xmas wear don't you think?! It was fun just trying different papers and textures, the neck line and waist band are made from white felt which I put a bit of crystal glitter glue on, I think it has made it look a bit like fur..without hurting any animals!
Anyway, I have a business report to write which I can't put off any longer..even though my new Sizzix dies are calling me from my craft room.....

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