Thursday, 14 September 2006

It's been a whirl wind here at Funkyhand Towers over this last week. I have completely revamped my craft room and finally all my craft stash has a tidy place to live. We ventured to Ikea and bought wooden shelving and loads of plastic boxes and containers..then I spent all Saturday unpacking everything and putting it away. I have to say that it looks great..but I can't find anything! Before, even though everything was in boxes and bags lying everywhere..I knew which bags and boxes contained the things I needed, now I haven't a clue! I will get used to it in the end I suppose.
The last three days my parents have been visiting me from the Midlands so I haven't got any real work done at all.. but I have had lots of nice lunches out and visits to the craft shop (my Mom is an avid card maker!) But this afternoon they went and when Ian came home today (he'sbeen in London all day so he was home late) with just the two of us again it seems very quiet. I don't get to see them that often so I am always a little sad when they leave after a visit. But now I suppose I have no excuse not to get making some new cards to go on to replace the ones I removed in the clean out last week! Well, I think I will go downstairs now to finish off the bottle of wine that my Mom and I didn't finish last night.. back to the grind stone tomorrow. No rest for the wicked eh!

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