Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Making the most of your digital stamps..

Hello everyone,

I hear regularing from crafters who either use digital stamps or normal stamps, or they don't, that they don't use them more than about twice before they are forgotten about as they are worried that all their cards will look the same.

That got me thinking. I thought I would share the idea that I had that might help..

This is a image that I drew this week for on a card for my friends birthday.  It's not a digital stamp yet.. maybe I should release it.  What do you think?

Now, I'm no fantastic colourer so bare with me with the following coloured images.  This is the first version that I created for going on my friends card.  All pastel, bright and happy.

Here it is on the finished card just so I can share that with you as well. :)

So, I then tried to look at the image in a different way..

This time I coloured it as if it was night time and the street light was just lighting a bit of the street.  Add a different sentiment and this image can now go on a completely different sort of card.  It would be perfect to send to a friend or family member that was having a tough time.

So, before you put that stamp to the back of the drawer or archive it on your PC drive take a look at it again.  Can you colour and mount it in a different way and use it for something else?

Until next time
Anice xx

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