Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year SALE still on...

Oops in all the rush of Christmas I forgot to tell you about the Funky Hand website sale.  Yes, you read it right we have 50% off everything available on the website.  I'm clearing out the stock room for shiny new stock to be added in the new year.

Get along to NOW as the products are selling fast and there are alot of items already out of stock.  Don't miss out!

Oh yes and as it's the 31st December..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

Speak to you next year !
Anice xx


  1. Can I just say Anice that The 12 Crafters Crafting is the best Christmas CD I have. Last year I made all my Christmas cards using the CD - and when I looked back on them, they looked great. This year, I tried something different and it felt like such a chore. I wasn't as happy about my cards as I was last year.

    I urge anyone reading this to get the 12 Crafters Crafting CD - especially while it's half price!!! It's fab and so easy to use! I will be making my cards earlier this year for sure - and this CD will be my first go to...

    Happy New Year to you all,

    Paula x x x

  2. Angela Dodson2:59 pm

    Can't believe I missed the sale!! Will there be another I'n the very near future? I'm itching to make an order :D

  3. Angela we are about to launch some new Funky Hand products and add some great new items to our craft stash section. We don't plan on having a sale again for a while, I'm sorry that you missed this one.
    Anice xx


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