Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Crafting is in the family..

Sorry, I haven't been around here much recently. I have just had one illness after another. First I got a frozen shoulder in my good left arm which ended with having to have a steroid injection in it to give it the kick it needed to get on it's way.Thankfully I have a wonderful friend Vic who is training as a physio so she was able to give me exercises to do which helped loads as well which has meant that I haven't suffered too much recently with the stupid thing! Though it really put a stop to my crafting, which at this time of the year isn't the greatest.  Just as I was starting to get back to some sort of normal last week I started to sound like a poor young lad who's voice was breaking, then I couldn't talk (which Ian seemed to think wasn't such a problem surprisingly!!) After ANOTHER trip to the Doctor I was diagnosed with viral Laryngitis.  Grrrr..just starting to feel slightly normal now..well as close as I get anyway, so here I am to catch up with you all.

As I said I haven't been crafting much recently for one reason or another but I was very pleased to receive a lovely card from Ians seven year old nephew Adam which he drew himself and then his school printed them so they could be the family Christmas cards this year.  I asked his permission to share it with you and he said it would be OK for you to see his creation which I think is just great..

I think he is expecting lots of lovely big presents from Santa under his Christmas Tree this year if his card is anything to go by!

I'm pleased to tell you that our new craft CD is now finished and will be released at the end of January 2011.  Of course I will give you more info as we get closer to the time for release but..it has some great new additions to it and we are really excited for you to see it.  Infact 2011 is going to start off very lively on the www.funkyhand.com website.  In January we will be launching some great new products that I'll be back with more information about over the next couple of weeks before the beginning of the year.  I'll be back before Christmas to wish you all the best for the season..now I'm off to have a nice cuppa and see if I can put the finishing touches to a new download collection for January.. see it's all go here!!

Oh, before I get back to work if you have a spare moment try and join in with this months challenge over on the Get Funky! challenge Blog as it's the last one where you will be able to win £20.00 to spend on Funky Hand products on our website as we are having a big old change around and shake up starting in 2011. 

Speak again very soon..keep warm and safe.
Anice xx

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  1. It's never to early to get children into craft work. My g'daughter loves it.


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