Friday, 13 March 2009

Oh that TV smile!

As usual it has been a mad week here at Funky Hand Towers. I mentioned in my last post that I have been shortlisted for a local business award. Well, yesterday I met two members of the judging panel to talk further about the business. As I'm an online business and just looking at the website was a bit..errr..boring, we thought we should make a bit of an effort to showcase what the business is about.. so here I am just before they arrived with all my wares set out on the kitchen table..

Everything seemed to go pretty well, so we just have to wait and see on the award ceremony night (Friday 3rd April) to see if I did enough to impress them. Of course just being shortlisted is an honor so if I'm not a winner it doesn't really matter, we still get a night out at a fancy do!! Later in the day a film crew came round to take photos to make a video to be played at the face was aching by the end of the day trying to keep smiling..I'm afraid that my bit of the video will just have a grimacing bint staring out at everyone putting them off their drinks!!

After all that excitement Ian thought it would be good time to go a buy me a new mobile phone... I had been talking about getting a new one which I could access the internet on so I can keep on top of emails and the website even if I'm not in the office. I'd been talking about it..but hadn't really thought about actually doing it of course! But Ian is a 'doer' rather than a 'talker' like me so I was wisked off to the local Orange shop to trade in my old trusty phone for a shiny new one, and here it is...

Oh doesn't even have a keyboard everything is done with a little poky stick thing on the screen. Are you getting the impression that I haven't a clue how to use it? Well you'd be right! It's sitting here right now and I think if it rang..I wouldn't know how to answer the thing!! Thankfully my trusty old phone is right by it and my number hasn't been transfered over just yet so all callers are will be the moment. I have the rest of the day to read through the inch thick book that came with it to work out the basics.. the nice chap in the shop made it seem so easy..but don't they always. Oh dear this is the first time I have realised that I am getting old..40 and scared of a new phone! I never thought it would happen to me!! Oh well, best get off and start reading my instruction where is the button to actually switch the thing on?

Speak again soon (but probably not on the mobile phone for a while!!!)
Anice xx


  1. Anice, congratulations on even being listed for an award but fingers crossed the ceremony goes OK with the showing the video and you are not sitting under a table hiding!!! I've only got one of your CDs yet but I have recommended it to about 20 people have bought - I'd certainly not have done that if I wasn't 100% happy. Hope you got my e-amil a few weeks ago showing a word book I'd made and some suggestions I had.

    Best wishes, Kym xxx

  2. Hehehhe! Wait until it rings and then you panic not knowing how to answer it!!!

    Your 'stall' looks fab!! Good luck on 3 April!

  3. Good luck Anice - remember you've worked hard for this so enjoy the process. I've only got Funky Daze yet and plan to make word books for my grandchildren and a friend's 70th birthday!!
    Keep the CD's coming.

  4. Congratulations and good luck with the award night. Keep everything crossed for you. Looking forward to the next cd.

    Hugs Sallyxx

  5. It's a fabulous picture Anice! and as for the phone....looks and sounds like something from Star Trek!!! I still have a little old Nokia! :)

    Carol x

  6. Golly Anice, that set up looks really great, let's hope it did the trick.
    En xx

  7. fab phone and good luck, fingers crossed for you and what a fab photo

  8. Good luck with the -BIG- ceremony night Sweetie... Great phone by the way... Have you figured out how to answer it yet! I don't have a mobile myself and don't even have the first clue about them at all... Looks fab though!

    {BIG HUGS} xxx

  9. CONGRATS on your HTC touch! I want one of those. I have the HTC slider, had it for years!!

    hey, my mom is 60 y/o and she learned how to text message!! I was impressed!! hahaha!


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