Wednesday, 1 October 2008

What the heck is 'Twitter'?

I've been asked this question a few times since I added Twitter to the side bar of this blog. So I thought I would share a really simple explanation of what it is that I found this morning it's at the bottom of the post.

Now I have to admit, I am hooked on updating my Twitter and I love to see what the people I am following are up to. I don't get to update this blog as often as I would like. I never seem to have as much time as I would like to do it but, I have time to do a quick update in 140 letters on Twitter a few times a day! So if you pop by this blog and you see I haven't update it for a few days just have a quick look on the side bar at my Twitter updates and you will see what I have been up to and perhaps why I haven't updated recently!! You might even want to join in yourself..if you do, let me know your twitter name and I'll follow's a great way of seeing what other peoples lives are like day to day!!

Anice xx

1 comment:

  1. I just joined Twitter and have found it to be very addicting. But I have to be careful - it's just one more thing to keep me away from my jewelry.


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