Friday, 8 June 2007

Oh dear, I have been ill for the last few weeks..'food poisoning' my Doctors tell me but I have had it on an off since 10th May! Sitting here now feeling pretty sorry for myself. Doesn't this bacteria know I have lots of work to do! Hopefully I will start to feel better soon (crossing my fingers) and will be able to get this CD finished. I don't know about calling it 'V.Funky' I should call it 'The never ending CD story!!' I had been making a very poor effort at a diet previous to this bout of illness.. one good thing the weight is starting to come off! But not in the most healthy way I suppose!

As this post is totally about me I thought I would post a digi scrap page I did a while ago which I had forgotten about. It's a picture of me waiting in line in San Fransisco to go to Alcatraz prison, Ian took it and I use it everywhere! The backing paper is from my first CD The Funky One now going off to take more fluids and curl up in front of an old movie to continue feeling sorry for myself!

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