Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Love is in the air here at Funky Hand as I have been designing Valentine cards for the last few days. For Christmas my parents bought me a book about making wire and metal embellishments so I have included some simple designs in these new cards. It's great fun messing with the wire using the different pliers for cutting and bending the wire. The trouble is I could play making the embellishments all day and never make any cards! I have started work on my next CD, so far I have decided on the colour collections and the themes for the extra collections and designed two sets of papers.. a long way to go yet! I had best get back to it I suppose...


  1. These cards really are fab. I am envious. Such lovely colours that blend beautifully.

    Yvonne from Craft Fairy

  2. Thank you very much Craft fairy. I try really hard when I design my backing papers to make each paper in a particular collection blend and work together well. It's nice to hear that you like them.


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