Monday, 4 May 2009

WANTED: New Design Team Member

Would you like to join our design team here at Funky Hand? I am looking to recruit a new team member and it could be you..

'What do I need to do?' I hear you ask!

Well, on your blog put a post with a couple of your favourite cards that you have created and link back to this 'Wanted' post, then leave me a message here so I can pop over and visit your blog and see your fav creations. Don't worry your examples don't have to be made with Funky Hand papers if you don't have any available, just show us the work you are proudest of. Then email me directly on this email address telling me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to join our team. Title the email 'Funky Hand Design Gang' (I thought that side of things is a bit more personal so lets keep it that way!)

'What's in it for me?' you are quite rightly thinking..

The Funky Hand Design Gang have been together for just over a year and I am lucky enough to have a collection of some of the most talented card makers around involved. You will receive free advanced copies of all my craft CD releases and Download collections which you then get to play with before anyone else! Your card and craft creations will be showcased on my website in the relevant galleries and they will also be shown on my live and recorded craft shows on Ideal World TV and Create and Craft TV. We are planning some very exciting additions to the Funky Hand brand portfolio over the next year so you will be involved first hand with working with these new products as they are launched.

This design team is a very friendly, supportive talented group of crafters.. does that sound like something you would like to be involved in? If the answer is yes, then I want to hear from you !

If you would like to apply please leave a message with your blog post and get in touch by Monday 11th May and we will make a decision before the end of that week.

I am really looking forward to seeing all of your creations and I know the rest of the design team are as well. So, get posting we need a new gang member !!

Anice xx


  1. My work is on and I'm not really sure how proud I can be comparing my work to Kath and Carol who are the most creative and charming people I've ever come across in the blog world :).

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    OMG!!!! Wish I was better at card making, would love to be in your gang, but have a long way to go. Good luck in your recruit.

  3. Well if you don't try you will never know will you?

    I hope you like my examples, good luck to every one and I'm sure there will be a fabulous new member to give inspiration to lots of wonderful crafters.

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Oh I have so been waiting for this day, please drop by my blog I would love to be considered for the Funky Hand Design Team Gang. I am a big fan of the CD's and downloads. The link to my blog is


  5. hi Anice i saw your call on twitter so i have blogged my best cards here hope you like them :0)

  6. Hi Anice, DT member Allison let me know about this and I'm sooo glad she did. Drop by my blogto see my 2 fav cards. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  7. hiya anice i saw your team member call on kaths blog and thought i'D give it a go. you can find the 2 things i'm most proud of here Thanks in advance for looking at my blog.
    shell x

  8. Hello,

    Would love to be part of your team !!!
    You can find my favorite cards hereThanks for the opportunity and for looking !!

    Greetings Peggy

  9. Would love to join your team! I have compiled a selection of different styles in this post.

  10. Below is the URL to my post, i will email you my details over the next couple of days. I hope you like my designs, i would love to be part of your gang:)

  11. Thanks for the opportunity for the DT-call!

    Feel free to take a look at my blog and at selection of creations!


  12. Sounds like a great opportunity. i am quite new to blogging and still haven't mastered that clever linking thing yet.....

    Thanks and good luck to all. Claire

  13. Hello Anice, I would love for you to take a look at some of my cards on my new blog! it would be amazing to be considerd as part of your design team, thanks for looking, Sarah

  14. WOW, what an opportunity not to be missed ! I have put a post on my blog showing some of my favourite bits (that bit was hard) and off to send you an email now. If I have got the link thing correct, you should find my post here.

  15. Ohhohhh I really could not let this go pass me by :) I sooo like your sets :)
    Here are my cardshugss Ria

  16. Hello Anice

    So much talent out there, but if you don't try you;ll never know. Selecting two is tough, but here are a couple of links

    this is oneand

    the otherWhatever the outcome, thank you for looking.

    Brenda x

  17. Hello
    As asked I have added a post with a couple of my favourite card. Here is mineWould really love to be on the DT.

    Anesha :-)

  18. Well, I didn't leave a link to "my favs" as I like everything I do. You can see them all here..... Glitterbabe Greetings!Would love you to drop in!

  19. I would love to be considered too :-) I can see from the above list that there are some very talented designers applying but still !! I can only try !! :-)
    You can see some of my creations here
    Lorraine x

  20. Wow! What a great opportunity! I would love to be a part of your DT! I don't have any one favorite - they all are! :) Thanks for looking, Cathy :)

  21. Hi Anice

    I'd love to be part of your amazing team and have selected some of my cards for you to look at - thanks for this amazing opportunity

    Jan x

    link to my cards

  22. Hi Anice, I would love to be considered for your design team. I think your CD's and downloads are great and reguarly watch you when you appear on Create and Craft.
    My cards can be seen on my blog

  23. Please consider myself for entry as a DT member :) I would be happy just to be considered :) All of my work on my blog is my favourite! Including the background I designed!

  24. Hey there. Thank-you so much for the opportunity to be considered for your design team. I posted 4 cards for you over on my blog

    Thanks once again :)

  25. I would love you to take a look at my blog to be considered for the post I am new to blogging and only been doing it for 2 weeks but you can take a look at my blog its

  26. I'd love to be considered for your DT - I've put two examples up on my blog - - thanks for looking!

  27. Hi Anice,
    I have posted some of my recent favourites on my blog linked below.
    Some more of my card can be found at
    Have fun browsing all the blogs!

  28. WOW Anice, this a great opportunity for some lucky person!! I have created a post with some cards & craft creations of mine.

    Here is a few of my fav'sIt will be a lengthy process for you with so much talent out there.... good luck in finding your new gang member.

  29. Love you work! Here are some samples of my creations for you to view for the DT call.
    Would love for you to consider me!
    Find out more at:
    Thanks for taking a peek!

  30. in for a penny in for a pound lol my post is hereit was hard to pick 2 I liked the most lol it was good to scroll through all the cards I've made over the years and see how my styles have changed lol

    good luck picking your dt members from all these talented ladies :o)


    Amanda xxx

  31. hi anice
    I use lots of papers in my work and loove your stuff anyway would loove to join your team

  32. This sounds like a lot of fun. Here's the link to my blog:

    I have all of my work displayed on Flickr.


  33. Hello and thanks for this golden opportunity you may see all of my creations at
    thanks!! Dawn

  34. oh wow!!! Good luck ladies.. I'd join in but WOW!! there is no way i'd enter my stuff in w/all that talent :)

    I will, however, add this blog to my blog - what a fun blog to follow!! :)

  35. Hi Anice, well here is my entry for your DT call. I would love to become a member of your design team, and I hope you enjoy my creations. Karen xoxo

  36. Hi Anice, I'd love a chance to be considered. Here's My Blog

  37. Hi,
    You can see my favourite recent works on my blog HERE , will email shortly telling you my personal details, lol,

  38. Hi Anice,
    I would love to be considered to join your design gang. I've added a few of my favourite creations HERE
    Julie x

  39. I would also love to be considered for the gang. I have recently been chosen for the C.R.A.F.T. Challenge Blog and I would love to get my teeth stuck in this one as well. Please feel free to have a look at my blog to see my best work. The main ones I am proud of you can find at my space card, my tiger spinning card, my boys card, my new baby card or my wedding card. Do feel free to have a look at all cards in my blog though.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I would love to work with you all.



  40. Hi anice!! only me!!!
    I would love to have a go for the design team I have been chickening out all week but am going to go for it and cross my fingers!!!
    heres my blog for you to womble around!! xxx

  41. Hi Anice,
    I would love to be considered for the design team but not sure if you would consider my cards good enough. I've been wavering all week but have finally decided to give it a go. I only started my blog on Saturday and have posted some of my creations for you to have a look at. I love your CDROM's, got four at the moment, and look forward to watching you on C&C. I've not yet worked out how to create a link but you can pop over to my blog and take a look.
    Good luck for the future and keep up the good work.
    Lynn x


    Here are my two cards Anice. I hope you will consider me for your design team and like my blog. I have your cds and love the word books especially. Love Cynthia x

  43. I hope I'm not too late for this. I would love to be considered for your DT. Here's my blog where you can go to see my cards.

    My Blog.

  44. These are cards I think that show off my style I love vintage cute and love to turn my hand to anything so hears hoping i get the link right < a href ="> here is mine < / a >

  45. Hi Anice

    I know I am probably too late for entry but I'm giving it a bash anyway as I would so love to be a part of your dedicated DT.

    HERE are the cards I have chosen.

    Thank you for taking the time to look and can't wait to see who you're chosen member will be.

    Lorraine xxx

  46. ... not too late I hope... would love to be considered, hope my work is good enough, I am certainly mad enough and with a blog name like mine... well..... enough said - you can find me here

  47. I would love to be considered!

  48. Hiya! Here are my fav cards i have done so far. Hopefully i'm in just in time for the cut off, thanks for looking and here's the link to my newly created blog!

    Sal x

  49. hi. I've compiled my post with my fav cards so far. I hope you like them. I'm going to go e-mail u now.

    Here is the link-

  50. **Thank you everyone who has taken the time to apply for my Design Team Vacancy. I will be reviewing all the applications over the next few days and I'll be in touch with each of you soon. The opening is now closed!!
    Many thanks
    Anice XX **


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