Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another Steam Funk card idea.

Wow, it was busy weekend with the launch of two new craft download collections, a blog hop and a new  Get Funky Challenge all in two days. Don't forget with a new Get Funky Challenge means a new Funky Freebie backing paper on my website to download, grab it and join in with the challenge if you haven't already!

I've been working on the new craft CD rom we will be bringing to you in the springtime so it's been pretty busy in the ole Garden Studio all week as well.  Then I realise that I haven't actually talked to you here since Monday so, here I am!  I can't show you any of the 'stuff' I have been working on this week just yet so I thought I would share one of the other cards that I made using the new Steam Funk download that was released last weekend. It's proving to be very popular even with people who have never thought about trying a little Steam Punk crafting..maybe you should give it a never know you might like it!

This card was made very simply and pretty quickly actually. Here's how I did it:
  • First I printed the light coloured word paper (Backing Paper 1 in the collection) directly onto my white base card so the word image was on the back of the card as well.  That's something I like doing if it works for the just seems more finished off if you know what I mean.
  • Then I used a strip of the paper with swirls all over (Backing Paper 17 in the collection) that I'd printed onto plain white paper rather than card.  I roughed up the edges a little using a flat file that I have in a collection of different shaped files by Basic Grey which I've had in my stash for about 5 years.
  • Using that same file I curled over the top right hand corner of the printed backing paper.
  • I inked around the paper with a black ink pad to grunge it up a little further and then attached it to the printed card using wet glue, remembering not to cover the top right hand corner because I wanted that to stay curled and loose.
  • Whilst that paper was drying I printed off the 'Time ticks by' sentiment from the download onto more white card. 
  • I cut it free hand with sharp craft scissors planning to cut it with no straight lines.
  • I cut the top and bottom of the sentiment first and then measured it up against the base card so I could cut the sides at angles to fit perfectly on to the card. 
  • Once that was cut, I inked all around the edges of it with a black ink pad and left it to dry.
  • Once everything was dry it was very simple to just stick the sentiment to the card.  I used wet glue to attach it and had it lying flat but you could easily attach it with foam pads to give it more depth.
It's a simple card as I said at the beginning but great for those times when you need a quick card to send a message to someone.  You could always use the basic idea and add buttons or twine for a more 'crafted' look or try the same idea with completely different backing papers and sentiment for a very different look!

Well, I best get back to my designing or the next CD wil never be finished.  If you'd like to hear more from me why not follow me on my Twitter account or join our Funky Hand Facebook page for more Funky Hand chatter and even maybe a few special offers!

Speak soon
Anice xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Winner of the Funky Hand Blog Hop Jan 2012

The Blog Hop this weekend went really well. I think everyone who took part enjoyed themselves.  I know the Design Team and I all did.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part. We have all loved you visiting our blogs and leaving such lovely comments.  Hopefully you may have come across blogs you had never visited before and decided to start following them.

Finally, to the interesting bit..the winner. Firstly the correct answer was VARNISHED

It's took me ages this mornng checking answers and hopping around all the blogs looking for comments.  It's amazing how long it takes to read everything everyone has to say. A long time, but really interesting!!

First, here are all the correct entrants.. doubled up if you answered correctly and then commented on our Facebook page as well.

Then I had to put them in the 'hat'  in this case it has to be the giant Funky Hand Teapot from the studios kitchen!!

 Here I am picking out the winner..

And finally, who is the winner of a free copy of both of the newly released craft download collections       Steam Funk and Funky Kraft Stash?  I'll not keep you waiting any longer..

Congratulations to our winner Totty TeabagPlease contact me via the Contact Us page on my website so I can send you your winners code to use on the website to download both craft paper collections for FREE!

I hope you enjoyed this blog hop..keep your eye on here and our Facebook page as we plan to have more Blog Hops and other fun crafty activities where you can win Funky Hand products in the near future!!

Speak again very soon
Anice xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's time for a new Get Funky Challenge!

It's been a mad house around this studio this weekend.  New download launches ( Steam Funk and Funky Kraft Stash) and the launch Blog Hop.  That is still going on today (Sunday 15th) as well so Get Hopping by reading the Blog hop post HERE and have a chance of winning both new downloads on Monday afternoon when I choose the winner out of the 'hat'  You know what they can't win it of you're not in it!!

Talking of winning..congratulations to Gilly for winning last months 'Thank You' Get Funky Challenge.  Which brings me very nicely on to the fact that it's the Funky 15th which means only one thing..a NEW Get Funky Challenge.

Lou is our host this month and she has picked a great theme 'January Blues' you can make any sort of project that you like as long as it has some blue is just one picture of the wonderful Smash Book that Lou has made to get us started.

To see all of the pages, which are well worth seeing by the way, get over to the Get Funky Challenge Blog and take a look.  As always, there is only one rule for joining in with the Get Funky Challenge and that is that you need to use at least ONE Funky Hand product used on your entry.  As usual I have created a Funky Freebie that is available on my website specially for this challenge so if you don't own any Funky Hand craft CDs, papers or stamps yet then you can still join in.  If you win, then the prize is your choice of any Funky Hand download collection.

Right, less of me talking, get over to the Get Funky Challenge blog and take a look at Lou's fab creation and leave her a comment.  Then get crafting and join in.  We love seeing what you make, visiting your blogs and leaving you comments.

Speak again very soon..tomorow afternoon infact when I will be announcing the winner of this weekends Blog Hop.  Still time to join in so the winner could be you!
Anice xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Funky Hand Download release BLOG HOP!

Welcome another Funky Hand Design Team Blog Hop. If it's your first time joining in with a hop don't worry because I'm going to explain what you need to do very clearly.

This Blog Hop is to give you a peek at what you can make with my two new craft download collections Steam Funk and Funky Kraft Stash which are available for sale TODAY on my website  If you join in with this weekends Blog Hop you will get the chance to win a fab Funky Hand prize.

Whats the prize? A FREE copy of BOTH of the new downloads Steam Funk and Funky Kraft Stash.

OK, what do you need to do to have a chance to win the prize?
  • Firstly you need to visit each of the Design Team blogs and take a look at the wonderful card or project that they have posted there. They will have been created using either one or both of the new downloads Steam Funk and Funky Kraft Stash. Each of the Blog posts will contain a link to the next Design Team members blog for you to visit or 'hop' to, so it's nice and easy to know where to go next.
  • On each of the blog posts you will find a letter that the DT member will give to you. Note down the letter from each post. (I have a letter to get you started which you will find later in this post)
  • Before you move onto the next Blog post remember to leave a message letting the DT member know that you have visited their blog on your hop around. It doesn't have to be a long message just say Hi and if you would like to, let them know what you think of their crafty creation. (This is really important as you need to leave a comment on each blog post or you wont be able to win the prize!) If you don't have a blog account of your own don't worry, you can still post a comment but it will come up as an Anonymous comment. Just remember to put you name in your written comment so we know it was you who has visited!
  • Once you have visited all the blogs you will have NINE letters and the last DT blog you visit will send you back to this blog post. Mix the letters around until your find a nine letter word. ('s something you would do with a piece of wooden furniture)
  • Once you have worked out the word all you need to do is put it in a comment here on my blog. Now, don't worry if you don't see your answer appear here straightaway as I will be monitoring all the comments so no one can copy your answer!!
  • The Blog Hop will end at 12 midnight (GMT) on Sunday 15th January. On Monday morning I will post all the answers that were added to the comments section here. I will check all the correct answers I received also left a comment on all the hop blogs.(See, I told you it was important to leave a comment on each blog!) Then I'll put all those names into a 'hat' and pull out a winner!
  • I'll post pictures of me picking the winner out  it here on Monday afternoon so come back then to see if you are the winner!!
  • There's one little extra..Are you a member of Facebook? If you are, then follow this link to our Funky Hand Page.  You'll find a post there about this blog hop and an invitation for you to comment, if you leave a comment there as well..and get the answer right at the end.. you will be rewarded with having your name go twice into the 'hat' so double the chance of winning.  Whilst you are on our Facebook page don't forget to 'like' it as we plan on giving special exclusive offers on there which you'll miss otherwise. If you are not signed up to could take this chance to create yourself an's a great place to chat with friends, family and crafty virual friends as well.  I couldn't live without it now!
Right enough of all the rules, here are the cards that I have made to get the hop started,

This card was created using backing papers, a digital stamp and letters from the Alpha bits paper from the Steam Funk download collection.  It was great fun distressing the edges of the papers, not being too worried about everything being perfectly placed.  I coloured the clock digital stamp using Letraset Aquamarkers, which you will be seeing available on the website in the near future as they are my new favourites and I'd like to share them with my customers if they haven't tried them yet.

My second card was made with a paper from the Funky Kraft Stash download which I used as the base card.  Kraft card is very 'in' at the moment and it can be a great base for any sort of card you want to make.  As it is so netural you can use any sort of paper or stamp that you like with it.  For my example card I decided to leave it really simple and show alot of the Kraft paper that I had printed.  All I have done is stick a simple circle of buttons directly to the base card.  If you are wondering how I got them in a circle it is a simple trick.  I drew a circle in pencil..I actually drew around an empty ribbon spool that was the perfect size, and then added the buttons around that.  I then rubbed out any pencil left showing between the buttons.  It's a fun effect for a card I think.

So what is the first letter of this Blog Hop to get you started?  My letter is 'N' it's time for you to start hopping, pop over to see what Ruth has for you by clicking her name. Remember to take a note of her letter and leave a comment.. See you back here in a while..enjoy your Funky Hop!!

Just incase you get lost, here is a list of all the DT member posts so you can look at them again if you need to:


Good luck..and have fun!
Anice xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

New Downloads this weekend & a Blog Hop

As usual I am apologising for not blogging as often as I should.  It's just been a bit mad here in the Garden Studio and I haven't had much of interest to tell you..I was in the middle of loads of things but nothing finished..until now!

This is just a very quick post to let you know that this weekend is a bit of a Funky Hand mad house.  We are releasing TWO new downloads that have been along time over due and to launch them the Design Team and I are having another BLOG HOP.  So, pop back here tomorrow to see what you need to do to get a chance of winning both new downloads for free!!  I know you love your freebies!

As well as new downloads and a blog hop, Decembers Challenge over on the Get Funky Blog is coming to an end so you have today and tomorrow to get your entries in to have a chance of winning the prize for the current challenge.  Then on Sunday I will be announcing the winner and an all NEW Get Funky Challenge will be starting with a new Funky Freebie paper on our website.  The current one for Decembers challenge is still available to download now but, it will be gone Saturday night and a new one will replace it so don't miss out.

Right I'm off now to make more coffee and finish my cards for the new download galleries..I'm sure your are going to love these new downloads and the Design Team have out done themselves again with their inspiring samples.
Speak to you again tomorrow for the launch and the Blog Hop that starts here!!
Anice xx 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Good Morning..and a Happy New Year

Well here it is 2012.  I wonder what this New Year will hold for us all.  I'm wishing wonderful things for all of you.
Here in the Garden Studio we have been planning everything for this year for quite a while.  There are lots of things ahead, new download collections, craft CD ROMS and a few exciting all new things that I don't think I'll tell you about just yet..  hehe!  I'm a teaser I know.

Even though it's already the 4th January this is my first blog post of the year..see I knew I would break my first New Year resolution 'You will blog more'  Isn't it always the same?  But, I have plenty of ideas in my head I just need to get to that crafting table and get them made so I can show you!

This morning, as well as saying Happy New Year to you here I am putting the finishing touches to two new Download collections and hopefully getting a new freebie gift finished that I'll tell you all about very soon.  To keep me going in this wet and windy weather I am drinking alot of lovely coffee.  Infact this morning I decided not to keep having to go back and forth to the mini kitchen, getting another, but bring the coffee to me! Here's my coffee pot already quarter gone on my desk..

I've made it nice and strong and put plenty of Ameretto Syrup that I had for Christmas in it..hopefully it will keep me working all morning getting these new products finished!!

I'll speak to you again with some crafty stuff very soon. Now where is my cup? I need another drink!
Anice xx 


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